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Agents of S.C.A.L.E.S. by AngelicHeresy
Agents of S.C.A.L.E.S.
So this all started as a super random thought about a group of superpowered people whose codenames were all reptiles. They were gonna be government agents who are unknowingly working for the enemy or something but then I did away with the superpowers and kept them as government agents with reptilian codenames. They are members of the black ops covert government division called S.C.A.L.E.S. (Strategic & Covert Allied Law-Enforcing Soldiers). Although stationed in the U.S., they can be commissioned and used by any nation allied with the U.S. to perform a number of tasks from disarming nuclear warheads to foiling assassination attempts.

(From L to R):

Kasimir Molotov a.k.a. Terrapin- 
A loud, brash, and completely inappropriate asshole from Russia, Terrapin is the newest recruit and the only member who doesn't get along with anyone else. He used to work for the enemy but has recently turned over a new leaf. It's partly because of this that most of the other agents are highly distrustful of him. Just like his physicality, Terrapin loves everything big- cars, guns, and explosions. His love of big explosions is so severe, he has trained himself to be the best explosives expert in the world. When not blowing everything up left and right, Terrapin prefers to fight unarmed, concentrating on a brawler-type fighting style focusing more on strength and power over defense and speed. Unfortunately, he's not very smart. When off-duty, he's usually found in a bar, drinking his weight in vodka. Misogynistic, mildly racist, and incredibly homophobic, Terrapin hides a deep secret. He's quite gay himself but won't admit it. 

(When he was a superhero, Terrapin could erect powerful forcefields, which tended to ricochet.)
((Alot of Terrapins personality I based on the current state of Russia's laws, especially pertaining to the treatment of LGBT people and my anger and frustration towards Putin's closeminded intolerance and the citizens willingness to comply to this hatred that spawned Terrapin.))

Imani Williams a.k.a. Croc-
Field leader, master strategist, an expert at all manner of combat, firearms specialist, and the perfect soldier. Stern and unyielding, Croc comes from a legacy of military men since the times of the civil war. For him, making his father proud and living up to his family's name means everything. But it seems that everything he does is never good enough for his cold, stoic father. This need for approval causes him to become a perfectionist and despite this rigidity, his subordinates actually care deeply for him. Although preferring to use guns in battle, if he's ever engaged in unarmed combat, he's just as skilled as he is with a gun, constantly changing his fighting style and striking with strong, powerful hits. When off-duty, he can be found training, meditating, or taking apart and reassembling different guns. Most of the time he can also be found at the shooting range and he has only been reported to have smiled once. That man is now dead.

(When he was a superhero, Croc had enhanced conditioning and possessed super strength.)

Ignacio Garibaldi a.k.a. Director Tuatara-
Tuatara is a mystery even to his team. He was once a mafioso turned soldier, turned Director. He smokes like a chimney, drinks first thing in the morning, and will gamble a government tank if he gets a good hand. Usually with a shit-eating grin on his face, and hands as quick as lightning, don't be fooled by Tuatara's paunchy body and wrinkling skin, he's still just as sharp and deadly as the knife he keeps strapped to his thigh. He's sometimes a bit amoral and his mafia past will slip through when he suggests dubious means to complete certain missions. He has a wife and several children, his favorite being his daughter Izabelle who he constantly dotes about.

(Tuatara has always been human.)
((From what I can understand, the Tuatara is like basically the closes thing to a dinosaur ancestor modern reptiles have. There's like only two species left in the world today.))

Eva Venero-Maldonado a.k.a. Viper- 
Viper is S.C.A.L.E.S expert in poisons and chemical warfare, using her agile and quick body to slice and dice enemies to bits. She prefers knives (both poisonous and not) over guns and when she has to fight unarmed, she does so by twisting and turning, working her body around the enemy like a dance and delivering quick punches so fast, the enemy doesn't know they're hurt until they're dead. She's also the only S.C.A.L.E.S. member who can weild a sword. But Viper used to be your average tomboy, growing up on the tough streets of the Bronx, New York. She was raised by her father and older sister, her mother having died when she was younger and her older brother in the army. Viper was always the epitome of a daddy's girl, picking up traits and talents from her father like a sponge which isn't necessarily a good thing as her father was a conman with a taste for adrenaline. But when he died, Viper became angry and rebellious, doing things that would land her in jail until her sister sat her down and told her to do something their father could be proud of. Remembering how proud he was when her brother joined the army, Viper decided now was her time. Just like her father, Viper is an adreline junkie, loving motorcyles, fast cars, sky diving, rollercoasters, anything to get her heart racing. Tough, resourceful, and determined, Viper is an exceptional soldier and a good friend with a fiery temper that's famous around the world. Because of her extnesive knowledge of poisons, pressure points, and the human body, Viper also functions as the teams field medic alongside Croc as both have medical skills. Viper and Chameleon share a mutual attraction that's rather obvious but she never acts on it because she doesn't know if his flirtatious nature towards her is real or just Chameleon being Chameleon.

(When she was a superhero, Viper's poison were created directly from her body.)
((There was also another girl called Salamander who could heal and was the team's field medic until I researched and discover that Salamanders are amphibians, not reptiles. So I took parts of her and added them to Viper. She was also an explosives expert which I gave to Terrapin.))

Tanuki Kageoni a.k.a. Chameleon- 
The youngest member of the team, Chameleon is the loud upstart, always telling bad jokes and doing things that most would consider extremely reckless. Not much is known about Chameleon's past but it is known that he grew up in an extremely wealthy industrial Japanese family with overbearing, overachieving parents who had many expectations for him and his future. It is also known that at some point, he was a B-Boy, breakdancing his way through the streets of Japan. Despite his immature jokester attitude, Chameleon is also a prodigy. Graduating from college at the age of 14 and moving through the army's ranks faster than anyone else, Chameleon is the team's stealth sniper, marksman, and computer genius/hacker. He can shoot a cigarette from the mouth of a terrorist in a windowless building, 5 blocks from where he is and always hits his mark. When in the field, he jokes that he's like a ninja- moving within the shadows, never seen, and never heard. When fighting close quarters, Chameleon chooses to fight unarmed using his incredible speed and analytical mind to his advantage. Chameleon is also a notorious ladies man, bedding more women than the brazilian gymnastics team. It's because of his playboy status that Viper can't determine the motives behind his constant flirting but he actually does have intense feelings for her. Despite being the youngest (26), he's been with the team for some time and while most people find is practical jokes annoying, his team usually just groans and rolls their eyes, smiling when their back is turned. Of all the team members, Chameleon hates Terrapin and the feeling is mutual. They're always arguing and threats are constantly being thrown but it's never reached the physical....yet. Chameleon has developed an Artificial Intelligence computer program called Sauria that the team uses and that he treats like a living person. I guess you can consider Sauria the sixth member of the team as Viper spends a lot of time with her as the only oter woman on the team.

(When he was a superhero, Chameleon possessed invisibility and intangibility.)

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