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X-Men: Generation NeXt by AngelicHeresy
X-Men: Generation NeXt

Ok, so this started partly from a photo I saw of Storm but also because with the Original 5 from the past are now in the present and the X-Men of the future came to the present recently, it just always bugs me when people make children of X-Men (whether canonically or fanmade) and they simply give the character the exact same powers as their parents which is so unoriginal, so I tried my hand at giving them more interesting powers. My version came from the fact that when the X-Men of the future (who actually turned out to be evil) came to the current time, they probably altered the future which is what I drew, the new Earth-13729 (… ) which is set roughly 25 years in the future. From this timeline, the future Bishop is from, Earth-1191 (… ) will come into existence so the characters from both realities are tied into mine. It should also be said that even though the team I created consists entirely of X-Spawn, there would be original characters mixed in as well.

Backstory: About 20 years into the future, a war begins between humans and mutants that last nearly 4 years. When the war was finally over, mutants came out victorious. The humans, thinking the mutants only want to enslave them became fearful. It wasn't until Scott, General in the Human-Mutant War, informed the humans that they simply wanted to co-exist did the tension lessen and from there, the two groups learned to live together. Mutants gain civil rights, become integrated into society, and even run for president. (New Earth-13729) But what the mutants don't know is that a group of humans, angry over where the world has gone are meeting in secret and creating extremely powerful Sentinel robots. These events will eventually lead to Bishop's reality (Earth-1191), where mutants are enslaved and put within concentration camps. The Xavier-Grey School for Higher Learning in New York (there are several around the world) is now run by the current avatar of the Phoenix, Quentin Quire (… ) and the school is now open to humans as well. X-men of the past have all retired, some going into politics, some becoming teachers, and some are simply living out their older years in peace.

Real Name: Kubrick Quire (… )
Codename: Legion
Age: 18
Parents: Quentin Quire & Celeste Cuckoo
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown (Glows light blue when they use their powers) (Are completely black as Kubrick)
Powers: Omega level omnikinetic, meaning he has a vast amount of psychic powers. Legion also has the ability to split into 2 identical forms. In these forms, he also split his powers between the 2. One is named Torrance and the other is named Grady. Torrance has all of Legion's less physical psychic powers like his telepathy, empathy, pre/retrocognition, etc. Grady has control over his more physical psychic powers such as his telekinesis, elemental control, matter manipulation, etc. It is theorized that Legion can split into as many forms as he has powers, eventually resulting into clones with one of each ability but as of now, he is unable to make more than 2. The clones can become one person (Kubrick) for roughly 20 minutes at a time before the strain of all of his power becomes too much for him to handle. Any clone he splits into becomes a part of his hive mind and will move, act, and talk in unison. Despite their hive mind, each clone has a distinct personality.
Notes: Kubrick was a last minute addition as I realized there were no real psychics in the group so I don't really count him as one of my new interesting characters since I made up his powers on the spur. Overall though, despite his most basic powers, I really like him as a character. Just like his own name, Torrance and Grady's names are derived from the movie, The Shining.

Real Name: Christian Albion Summers
Codename: The Red King
Age: 26
Parents: Scott Summers & Emma Frost
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown (Glow red when using his powers)
Powers: Without actively using his powers, his body can absorb all forms of energy directed at him, including psychic energy. Using this stored energy, he can increase his strength, speed, stamina, endurance, durability, and healing. He also has the ability to use this energy to fire red concussive force beams from his hands but in order to do this, he must turn into his other form. In this form, his body becomes covered in red crystal which further increases his strength, stamina, and durability. He can only use his beams in this form but he can selectively decide what parts of him becomes crystallized. He does not age in his crystal form. The Red King is also immune to telepathy in all forms.
Notes: The leader of the new X-Men, he only became leader after his wife Ashanti decided her feral nature could be dangerous to the team. Christian is the oldest of Scott and Emma's children and the only one who was born while they were still married, as Ruby (… ), was born after they divorced. Sometime in the next few years, Ruby and Christian will switch powers and he dies soon after so she never gets her psychic powers back and keeps Christian's powers permanently. Scott is now happily married to Frenzy and after a failed marriage to Namor, Emma has chosen to stay single and run the Xavier-Grey Institute in London. Christian is partially named after his grandfather Christopher but mostly named after his uncle Christian Frost. He is arrogant and proud like his mother but is strong with a sense of justice like his father. He HATES his middle name.

Real Name: Maxwell Summers
Codename: Pulsar
Age: 35
Parents: Alex Summers & Lorna Dane
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Powers: His body subconsciously absorbs ambient energy. With this energy, he can charge people and objects with energy, allowing him to change their polarity. By doing this, he can determine whether something is attracted or repelled by metal. He can use this skill in amazing ways, especially when combined with the knives he constantly carries on his person. Using his skill, he never misses his mark. He can determine which 2 objects are attracted to each other and which ones are repelled but he can also make something attracted to all metal. The strength, force, and longevity of the charge is determined by how much power he charges into the object. If he wanted to, he can disrupt the charge completely, returning the thing to its original polarity.
Notes: He was sent into the past, 20 years from this timeline to stop the Sentinels release before it happens. The Max Summers of this timeline is only 10 years old. Polaris died a few years ago so he lives in space with his father. His powers have the same signature as his father but green instead of blue. His powers were also inspired by the Mistborn Series, specifically the powers of Lurchers and Coinshots.

Real Name: Ashanti Munroe- Summers
Codename: Tempest
Age: 26
Parents: Ororo Munroe & James Howlett/ Logan
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue (Glows when using his powers)
Powers: Superhumanly acute senses, super condition, and limited electrokinesis. She is able to create claws made of electricity that not only cuts but electrocutes when stabbed by them. When Tempest gets angry or goes feral, storm clouds and lightning will appear. She has no control over the storm itself but it is attuned to her emotions. When she's really angry, the lightning will strike her, enhancing the power of her claws.
Notes: She is the main reason I started this photo as I saw this photo of Storm in the comics (… ) and thought it would make a great power for a child of Storm and Wolverine. She's a lot like her father: wild, tough, and rebellious but she has strong leadership skills and when calm, is fairly level headed. She's married to The Red King and gave up her leadership because of her feral nature. Her mother discovered she was pregnant shortly after Wolverine's death and Ashanti has a pretty strong relationship with her "sister" X-23. Storm reconciled with Black Panther and the two of them got remarried and eventually had a daughter (… ). Storm spent a lot of time doting on her first daughter but when she had Kymera, she focused a lot more on being Queen and headmistresses of the Xavier-Grey Institute in Africa, so Kymera has a lot of issues with her sister and mother. Tempest is closer to their mother while Kymera is closer to her father.

Birth Name: Chantal LeBeau
Chosen Name: Ace LeBeau
Codename: Recall
Age: 22
Parents: Remy LeBeau & Anna Marie LeBeau/ Rogue
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Black and Green
Powers: Psychomimetic. Recall can absorb the memories of anyone he touches. By doing this, he can store the skills, non-mutant abilities, and knowledge of anyone he absorbs but cannot absorbs their mutant abilities. The drawback to this power is that he cannot replicate a skill his body cannot physically do but his body can remember the skill and use it when his body is actually able to use it. This means that if he absorbs the skills of someone who's a gymnast, he won't be able to do gymnastics if his body is not flexible enough to do it but by increasing his flexibility, the skill will present itself to him. He can keep the skills as long as he likes but the more things he absorbs, the foggier the memories become and this makes it harder for him to recall them. He retains the skill but not the memory of how to do them. This means his muscles can remember it even if he doesn't. He also cannot control what skill he absorbs but innately knows what skills he has at his disposal after they have been absorbed. Because the skill becomes a part of him, the level of efficiency he uses the skill can change after he's absorbed it meaning just because someones expertise in something is limited, if he can somehow add to it, he will be better at it than the one he absorbed it from. The longer he touches someone, the more of their skills he will absorb. Because he learns these skills by siphoning the experience from their memories, if they can't remember the experience, he cannot absorb it. He has absorbed many useful skills such as Cyclops' tactical skills, Storm's leadership skills, Mystique's combat skills, Psylocke's ninjutsu, his father's thievery, Shadowcat's computer skills, etc. He's also skilled in the use of many weapons but prefers using a katana.
Notes: Recall is a FTM (female-to-male) transexual. Gambit was instantly supportive but Rogue is still uneasy about it. Ace is a nickname Gambit gave him as a child. When she gave birth to Ace, Rogue was in full control of her powers. When she gave birth to Ace's younger sister, her powers were out of control so Eloise was born immune to her mother's powers. Ace is not. Ace is dating Beast and Abigail Brand's daughter but their relationship is strained as they began dating when Ace was a woman and as a lesbian, Rhea McCoy is having trouble reconciling the two. It seems that the more of other people's memories he absorbs, the less he remembers his own and he mixes up his memories from others.

Real Name: Coyote Proudstar
Codename: Thunderbird
Age: 24
Parents: James Proudstar & Hepzibah
Hair Color: Black w/ white streak
Eye Color: Green and cat-like
Skin Color: White fur
Powers: Half-Mephitisoid which grants her superhuman senses, agility, reflexes, and pheromone control. She also possesses her father's powers of superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and senses. Due to the Ghost Rider activating her father's Apache Shaman abilities, she has the mystical ability to absorb the spirits of any animals she come into contact with and later summon their spirits to aid her in battle. This allows her to use the traits of any animal she summons such as the strenth of a bear, the agility of a cat, the tracking skills of a dog, etc. If the animal has a trait she already possesses such as enhanced strength, speed, agility, durability, etc, it simply gets added to her already enhanced conditioning. Of the spirits she can summon, the strongest is her family's totem spirit, the Thunderbird. When she uses this spirit, her powers are increased to god-like proportions but using it causes strain on her and it takes time for her to recover.
Notes: Another last minute addition, I needed a powerhouse so I made her. Originally she was a he but then I had too many men so he became a she. That kind of bothered me because I wanted a boy with a physical mutation but oh well. I still think Hepzibah and Warpath are an odd couple but whatevs, I didn't make it up. Coyote used to be a member of the Brotherhood and her older brother was an X-Men. When he died, she suddenly appeared wanting to be an X-Men. Many of the members don't trust her and no one knows whether she's there to be good or for revenge. Her and her brother were raised by their father as shortly after Coyote's birth, Corsair returned to Earth and Hepzibah went with him and no one's seen them since. She is the same Thunderbird as… . I did use a reference for her pose but I can't remember where it's from.

Real Name: Ana Blaire
Codename: Kismet
Age: 25
Parents: Longshot & Alison Blaire
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde at the root and gradually turns platinum blonde at the tip
Eye Color: Blue
Powers: Kismet is constantly surrounded by her own personal probability field made of semi-invisible light until it's hit and then one can see the multicolored bubble around her. The field becomes stronger the more light she absorbs but she cannot actively absorb light as her body naturally absorbs small amounts of light. This field constantly shrouds her in good luck so that unlikely things happen in her favor. If someone were to try to attack her, the field will cause the attack to be absorbed or ricochet. The field is in tuned with Kismet so if she trusts you, you can enter the field. If she perceives you as an enemy, the field will reject you. Kismet can use this field to manifest shafts of light that can affect others probability. The white ones can bestow temporary good luck on anyone who's hit with it while the black ones gives temporary bad luck. The more she uses this aspect of her powers, the smaller her own field will become and she will become vulnerable as her own good luck lessens the more she gives others luck/misfortune. This makes her subject to the natural laws of probability. The final aspect of her light shafts is that the white ones can heal while anything hit by the black ones will explode or disintegrate. She can also use the black ones like knives. If one were to wait until she exhausted her field and place her in complete darkness, she will be rendered powerless.
Notes: Ana is a skilled marksman and combined with her powers, she always hits her mark. She and The Red King used to seriously date and she believed they would one day marry, so there is a little animosity between her and Tempest. Kismet is very smart, analytical, cunning, and sharp but she's not above using her sexuality to get what she wants. She's one of the few X-Men who comes from a happy, functional family.

Real Name: Gloriana Worthington
Codename: Seraph
Age: 21
Parents: Warren Worthington III & Elizabeth Braddock
Hair Color: Purple (energy)
Eye Color: White (glowing)
Skin Color: Black
Powers: Seraph has the semi-psionic ability to manifest wings made of psychic energy. These wings can appear whenever she wills it and allow her to fly but also grants her the ability to fire bolts of energy that can physically hurt her opponent, shield her from attack, stun, or paralyze her enemy. She can also summon 'psi-talons', claws made of psionic energy that appears at her fingertips. These talons can 'rip through the fabric of one's psyche' which can harm her opponent physically but can affect a victim's mind so as to cause the victim pain, unconsciousness, or even death. These talons can at its lowest intensity, functions to disrupt neural pathways and at its highest level, cut through armor, but leave the attacker physically unharmed or vice versa. Despite having psionic-based abilities, Seraph herself has no real psionic abilities. She is naturally immune to telepathic and telekinetic attacks and she is completely undetectable by telepaths. If she wants though, she can allow them in. Her blood also has the power to heal mental illnesses of any kind.
Notes: She is my favorite of the new X-men I created visually. Her powers and appearance are based on the darkest moments of her parents lives; her black skin is a product of when Psylocke was possessed by the Crimson Dawn and her energy wings, hair, and talons are from when Angel was infused with life-force energy because of Apocalypse. Despite this, Seraph is very kind, caring, and sensitive. She is the oldest of 5, but one of her siblings died during childbirth. Unknown to everyone, even to herself, Psylocke used her powers to unlock the baby's psychic powers and he now exists as an astral being, growing normally but unable to communicate with his family.

Ruby Summers-…

Kymera Desta (K.D.) Munroe-… Kymera will eventually meet and marry a man named Burnum Bishop and will give birth to Lucas (… ) and Shard Bishop (… ).

Raze (Sullivan Creed)-… Since Wolverine is dead now, he never fathered Raze. Instead, Sabretooth did and he didn't kill Mystique 

Real Name: Eloise LeBeau
Codename: Bolster
Age: 14
Parents: Remy LeBeau & Anna Marie LeBeau/ Rogue
Powers: Bolster can charge people with red energy using touch. When used on humans, this energy acts as a stun gun and will knock them out. When used on mutants, Bolster can supercharge their mutant abilities, making them stronger. At it's highest level, she can supercharge their powers so much, they will overload causing power burnout or spontaneous combustion.
Notes: Bolster is immune to her mother's touch as their powers cancel each other out. She will eventually give birth to Mountjoy ( ) and Styglut (… )

Real Name: Warren Worthington IV
Codename: Cherub
Age: 17
Parents: Warren Worthington III & Elizabeth Braddock
Powers: Telepathy. Cherub has the ability to create psychic birds. These birds can attack physically, can travel long distance to relay messages, mentally possess people, and form mental and emotional links with others. The birds can also "peck" into the minds of his enemy, eating away their consciousness until they're braindead or leave them stunned. When he's older, Cherub will go through a Secondary Mutation causing him to become bird-like, taking the form of an anthropomorphic eagle. In this new form, he gains aerial adaptation and can also cover himself in techno-organic metal, enhancing his strength, stamina, and durability. He loses his telepathy when in this metal form and also becomes more mentally unstable. Like his father, his blood can heal any physical wounds, even from the brink of death.
Notes: This is the same Warren Worthington IV as… and will later grow up to become… . While Seraph is kind and sensitive, Cherub takes his role as the oldest boy very seriously, always trying to be strong but comes off overprotective and overbearing. He's like this even with his older sister.

Real Name: Katherine & Kenneth Worthington
Codename: None
Parents: Warren Worthington III & Elizabeth Braddock
Age: 9
Powers: Kenneth is human with natural strong telepathic resistance. Katherine can create psychic butterflies that at her age, she can only use to communicate with. She was born with psionic butterfly wings but they vanished when she was 3.
Notes: Katherine will grow up to become Fixx ( ). Burdened by being the only human, Kenneth later submits to the Crimson Dawn and like his mother, is able to control it, being able to control shadows and create shadow wings. He looks a lot like his sister Gloriana in this form.

Real Name: Emily Creed
Codename: Chimaera
Parents: Raven Darkholme & Victor Creed
Age: 15
Powers: Can shapeshift into animals, thus gaining any advantages the animal affords. She's even able to create hybrids formed from different animals.
Notes: Emily was the result of a series of one night stands (as was her brother Raze) after Mystique and Sabretooth attempts to rekindle their old romance. Emily has chosen the side of good, much to her parents chagrin. Also some time in the future, Mystique and Azazel will also get together and have a child together named Linqon ( ).

Real Name: Nikolae Wagner
Codename: Augur
Parents: Kurt Wagner & Amanda Sefton
Age: 22
Powers: Technically none. Disciple of The Winding Way, so he possesses magical abilities.

Real Name: Rhea McCoy
Codename: Brand
Parents: Henry McCoy & Abigail Brand
Age: 19
Powers: Can cover herself in green flames, making her resemble a green, flaming version of her father. Can also summon a blue lion made of fire or cover her fist in flaming lion heads.
Notes: Brand is in a tumultous relationship with Ace LeBeau.

Real Name: Kazimir Rasputin
Codename: Graviton
Parents: Piotr Rasputin & Kitty Pryde
Age: 18
Powers: Can increase or decrease gravity in his immediate vicinity. By controlling his own gravitons, he can control his density allowing him to become intangible or impervious.
Notes: He is the result of a brief affair between Colossus and a married (to Peter Quill) Shadowcat. He has an older half-brother and a younger half-sister (from Shadowcat and Star-Lord). His younger sister, Lucia Quill has recently demonstrated the ability to turn into liquid metal (like Mercury), a skill she's keeping hidden because she's afraid of what this could mean. Kazimir is gay and has an unrequited crush on Cherub.

Real Name: Ezekial Toynbee
Codename: Anura
Parents: Mortimer Toynbee & Paige Guthrie
Age: 14
Powers: Can husk away his skin to reveal an amphibious form underneath, increasing his reflexes, agility, and jumping ability. Can secrete a neuro-toxin, has a prehensile tongue, underwater breathing, and wall climbing. 
Notes: During one of her mentally unstable bouts, Husk remembers the feelings she once had for Toad and they consummate the relationship. Immediately afterwards, she forgets again and never sees Toad again.


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