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My Gotei 13 by AngelicHeresy
My Gotei 13
So I've always had all these ideas for Bleach OCs and since I have a firm rule that I only create 1 OC per series, there were a lot of unused ideas I had for characters so I decided to write them down and I had enough to do a new Gotei 13 so I did. None of these characters are by any means "final" or actual characters which is why none of them have names. This is also why some of their abilities might be improbable for the Bleach universe as these are literally just randoms thoughts and ideas of unused characters so please don't yell at me that this person or that person could never exist.

Because none of them have names, I will refer to them by the titles I gave them when I scribbled them in my notebook.

UPDATE!!!!!!!! (9/12/2014): These characters now have some information that can be found here:…

1st Division: "The Knight". I always wanted there to be a girl in full armor and I've always loved the idea of culture shocks in Japanese anime so I made a European girl in stylized European armor with a broadsword Zanpakuto. Maybe her name is Joan after Joan of Arc.

2nd Division: "The Egyptian". This came from 2 ideas. I wanted to do a character that's completely bandaged and another with distinct Egyptian qualities (i'm aware that Mayuri's headpieces are slightly Egyptian but I wanted someone obviously Egyptian) and then it hit me- fully bandaged, mummies, Egypt and I combined the 2 characters. In retrospect, I don't like the default Zanpakuto power I gave her so I was thinking maybe a bow and arrow if I ever wanted to use her.

3rd Division: "The Puppet". I've always been fascinated by puppets in anime- Kankuro and Sasori from Naruto, and Sheril from D.Gray-Man. I even made my own puppet master OC (… ). So I thought, wouldn't it be awesome if there were a Shinigami/Soul Reaper who used puppets?' From there, I decided that whoever is controlling the puppet is never actually seen which is why there is no photo of HIM. If he were real, maybe I could play with the idea of the Soul Reaper being able to transfer his consciousness or a Zanpakuto with the ability to animate inanimate objects or something.

4th Division: "The Plague Doctor". Visually, I love the idea of Plague Doctors and yes i'm aware that Rojuro's Visored mask was a Plague Doctor but they never really played with that idea which is why I put him in the medical division. I also gave him a Zanpakuto that could maybe become poison or a plague. Maybe he can infect people, maybe it has something to do with perfume, or maybe the mask is a front and he's actually a bird underneath there like Sajin. I see him as the Dexter, Dr. Frankenstein type character who dissects cadavers and experiment on patients.

5th Division: "The Kabuki". I love the look of Kabuki performers so I went with that idea, plain and simple. His Zanpakuto (the only one with a name: Chochinobake) is a paper lantern with produces fire or maybe flame demons or something. I see him as being fun, loud, and outrageous as a contrast to his more subdued, demure "sister".

6th Division: "The Geisha". Originally, him and "The Kabuki" were the same guy (yes guy, he is a dude) but I decided to split them and make them siblings. Just like with Kabuki, I love the look of Geisha's. To keep with the theme, I made his uniform look more like a kimono. A little back story on him and his brother could revolve around them growing up in a repressed home when all they wanted to do was express their artistry or something. His Zanpakuto in my mind is an umbrella, similar to my Soul Eater OC (… ).

7th Division: "The Dog". I've always loved the way Komainu statues look and I've seen them used in Okami, Final Fantasy, and Kakurenbo so I wanted to do a Soul Reaper that can summon one and I've always loved the idea of happy-go-lucky girls who can control beasts. Maybe she's given him a ridiculous name. I also see him destroying the enemy and then running over happily and licking her face.

8th Division: "The Tengu". He actually has a name and it's Sarutahiko. I'm surprised they never did a Visored with a Tengu mask but I guess that would have been too close to the Plague Doctor mask. Clearly when he actually wears it, it covers his entire face. I took a lot of visual notes from the Tengu legends and incorporated it into his look. His Zanpakuto controls wind but I would say to avoid comparisons to Senna, the shakujo in his hands is just a weapon he's skilled at using. His real Zanpakuto are duel fans (which is also an idea I wanted to use) and for Bankai can become one giant fan.

9th Division: Not pictured for 2 reasons- lack of space on my paper and lack of ideas, I decided to make my original Bleach OC Yomi (… ) the 9th Division Captain. Hey, he's already the 3rd Seat so hopefully by the time this group is in power, he would've been promoted. And it's also because I love his power.

10th Division: "The Maiden". I ALWAYS wanted a character who did battle using an Iron Maiden but could NEVER make it work. In the end, I made her original ability to be controlling people/hollows using their Soul Chains but I quickly fell out of love with this idea so Ii went back to the Iron Maiden idea. So since it doesn't really matter how she uses it, I decided to give it to her. I guess she would have to be strong enough to lift it, maybe use it like a hammer or maybe there's something inside. The actual thing would clearly be larger but then it couldn't fit on the page lol. And I thought it would be ironic to give the sexy girl character something with the name 'maiden' that usually denotes virginity and chastity.

11th Division: "The Indian". This thread started with the power to create phantom Reiryoku arms, which went to the image of a many armed person, which reminded me of Hindu gods, hence an Indian Soul Reaper. That many arms can hold a lot of weapons so it's perfect he would be the captain of the battle division. In my mind, he's also really agile and flexible, sort of like Dhalsim from Street Fighter.

12th Division: "The Drill". I wanted someone who looked a little bit more futuristic (since he's in charge of the science and research division) which is why I gave him a more coat like version of his haori and the hair. I know Tenjiro has similar hair but I wanted mine to be more drill-like and less like a pompadour. In my mind he's more like a curious child personality wise, while 'The Plague Doctor' is more of the Mayuri type. His Zanpakuto allows him to create bombs filled with compressed Reiryoku but after I finished the photo I realized his bombs aren't black like regular bombs, they're made of glass. And I forgot to add the button down shirt collar that sticks out of the top of his uniform.

13th Division: "The Thug". I wanted to do a Yakuza character (and i'm aware Tetsuzaemon is inspired by a Yakuza member but I wanted someone more obvious about it) and I put him in the 13th division since it's the one in charge of Karakura Town so I figured he frequently interacts with humans. I gave him a gun Zanpakuto to match the Yakuza theme and again I know Coyote Starkk uses guns but his guns are another person, not a Zanpakuto like 'The Thugs' and I was thinking that maybe his power involves him shooting himself or maybe the bullets damage Reiryoku and not the body. He's visually the one i'm least satisfied with, only because I don't like his face and proportionately, he's slightly bigger than everyone else. Ooh well.

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