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Avatar: When Spirits Collide Characters by AngelicHeresy
Avatar: When Spirits Collide Characters

So like many of the ideas I have, this one came from a random thought. "The next season should be set in modern times and the new Avatar should be twins. And what if bending was rare? Or illegal?" So I let the idea go and recently decided to pick it back up. So here it is.

It has been nearly 200 years since the last Avatar, Korra died and the last known Avatar the world has known. Towards the end of her life, laws were enacted to limit bending and over the years bending, now called Kinesis, has been outlawed and deemed illegal. Benders themselves have grown scarce and rare. With the world on the verge in ruin, the new Avatar, a pyrokinetic named Alaric must step up to the plate but before he can restore balance to the world, he must first restore balance in himself.

The new season is set in a world both foreign and familiar. Republic City is now the capital of the world and has grown quite large. In the 200 years the Avatar has been gone, the nations have all become completely intermingled to the point no one can claim allegiance to any one nation. Originally, I wanted a lot more than 200 years to have passed but any more and the setting wouldn’t make sense. Most of the show looks a lot like modern day but more advanced (seeing as the current season is behind in fashion but uses technology even we don’t have). I decided to change Bending to Kinesis because Kinesis sounds more futuristic and logically if you think about words that were used 200 years ago in our time, most people don't use them anymore. If you couldn't tell from my Sailor Moon redesign, I love futuristic worlds. The cast is now older and the show would take a darker, more mature turn. I also wanted the cast to be more racially diverse from the usual Asian culture the show is based on. (I’m aware it takes longer than 200 years to racially diversify an entire planet but I’m God to them and I say racial diversity!)

(From L to R): Pazia, Caspar, Alaric, Kacela, ZhuLi S57821, Balthazar, and Jago

* I know the wheel of Kacela’s Satocycle is incomplete but I couldn’t get the 2 photos to match perfectly. I also never meant for Jago to be as skinny as he is because now his head seems really big and gives him a lollipop quality. Oh well.

Their profiles can be found here: 

Avatar: When Spirits Collide Character Info

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Here's the profiles for my little Avatar group. Their order is based on their order in the photo. Original Photo can be found here:
 Avatar: When Spirits Collide Characters by AngelicHeresy

Sylvara Pazia

Born to a middle class family on Kyoshi Island, Sylvara always wanted more than the farming life her parents had for her. More specifically, even at a young age Sylvara found herself fascinated by all forms of technology to the point she built her first functioning droid by 12. After receiving the Sato Scholarship of Technological Excellence, Sylvara was the youngest person to graduate The University of Republic City. From there, she was given a job at Future Industries as Machinist where she was blissfully happy. But when Sylvara discovers her love of machines is partly due to her burgeoning Ferrokinesis (metalbending), she realizes she’s a fugitive of the state and runs…right into the revolution of the new Avatar.

Name Meaning: “Silver”; “Golden”

Nationality: Kyoshi Island of Dimitar (Earth Kingdom)

Ethnicity: Latin

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4”   

Hair Color: Half black, half white   

Eye Color: Light Green

Weapon(s) of Choice: Machines/ Drones, Large Blaster Gun, Small Bombs.         

Fighting style(s): Long-range, Basic hand-to-hand combat, Ferrokinesis

Profession: Machinist, Revolutionary

Affiliation: Future Industries (formerly); Team Alaric         

First appearance: Book 2

Personality: Sylvara sees the world in black and white and facts and figures. She’s tough and resourceful and sees herself as a realist. She sees the world for what it is, refusing to give into fantasy and ideals. It’s because of this mentality that many see her as cold but really her cynicism is a coping mechanism so she doesn’t get hurt. She tends to be bluntly honest, never sugarcoating her words even if they’ll hurt someone’s feelings which make her seem cruel but if she loves you, she will love you with everything she has. She’s also very loyal, down to earth, and relate able and despite her flaws, it's really easy for her to make friends.


Sylvara was a last minute addition and I added her for several reasons. 1. I needed a plausible reason of how the group would acquire an airship which I’ll say Sylvara stole for Future Industries. 2. I wanted one of the main group members to be really into machines which didn’t make sense with anyone else. She’s not only great with machines, but also quick with a gun. Also, her arm isn’t a prosthesis but like armor. She ends up dating Caspar which I like because they’re complete opposites and I honestly didn’t realize until after I finished it that I gave her P’Li’s hair. Oh well.

From the original Team Avatar, Sylvara is loosely based on Toph.



Caspar never saw the world outside of the island he grew up on and he never really thirsted for anything else. When he was made Maester of the Church of the Avatar, he thought everything in his life was complete. That is until the truce between the Church and the state was broken and the army wiped out every disciple of the Church. All except Caspar. Now Caspar is the last living person with knowledge of the Avatar’s past and has no clue that the current Avatar is the friend he’s known his entire life.

Name Meaning: “Master of the Treasure”

Nationality: Avira (formerly Yue Bay)(presumably born); Lion Turtle Island (raised)

Ethnicity: Unknown ((Black))

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5’7”   

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Dark blue                    

Fighting style(s): Advanced hand-to-hand combat, Chi-blocking, Ergokinesis (Energybending)

Profession: Maester of the Church of the Avatar

Affiliation: Church of the Avatar (formerly) Team Alaric   

First appearance: Book 1

Personality: Caspar is carefree, happy-go-lucky, naïve, and optimistic. It’s these traits that allow many people to take advantage of him. But he never allows this to shake his faith in humanity. Despite his innocence, Caspar possesses fierce determination, loyalty, and bravery. He will die trying to protect those he loves and will always be there when they need him. Somewhat flighty, respectful of all life, and very emotional, Caspar may seem weak and fragile but he has the heart of a true warrior. He prefers not to fight but when he does, he uses evasive and defensive maneuvers to finish the battle with as little damage as possible. As the last Maester of the Church, Caspar takes his duty very seriously and thinks first of his safety and the propagation of the Avatar’s past. This is why he can usually be found writing in his journals, filling them with as much information as he can remember. His storage of knowledge shows how intelligent he really is.


So first I should tell you about the Church of the Avatar. Ok so this Church is very similar to the Air Nomads in their culture and way of life. They believe the Avatar will return and restore balance and their belief is so strong, they’ve turned it into a religion. Normally congregates are called Disciples while masters are Maesters. The Church Disciples all live on the back of the last living Lion Turtle and it’s through this lion turtle that they’re able to reach a higher level of spirituality which allows them to energybend. With this they can astral project, chi block, and see spirits, something that not everyone can do after Korra closed the Spirit Gate towards the end of her life. The government has always allowed them to continue their way of life and energybend as they never saw them as a threat but President Aeon declared them fugitives and not only wiped their culture out but also burned the books and destroyed the temple walls depicting everything about the Avatar. They also killed the lion turtle and the island now rests at the bottom of the sea. Fortunately, all Disciples have the names of every known avatar tattooed on their backs so as long as Caspar lives, so will the lives of the Avatar.

Caspar is a fun character because I think he’s a lot like Aang which makes sense seeing as every disciple of the Church has a “guardian Avatar” they pray to and Caspar’s is Aang. He throws away his robes and starts wearing street clothes rather early in the series but I thought drawing him in his robes would be a nice visual contradiction. Also, he has long dreds under his hat. The bird in the photo is actually a spirit that follows Caspar around and her name is Jean. She’s a phoenix. Lol.

From the original Team Avatar, Caspar is loosely based on Aang.


Alaric Emery

When Alaric was born, it was obvious he was no normal baby- light erupted from his eyes and mouth. His mother, knowing that the world would know the boy was a Kinetic and would try and take him away so instead she took him to the one place she knew he would be safe- on Lion Turtle Island to be raised with the Church of the Avatar. She knew they would never turn away a Kinetic. Alaric was raised with the teachings of the Church but found that the solitary life they led away from civilaization wasn’t the life he wanted so at 16, he left to travel the world. But while away, he began to discover he had abilities no one else had. He was Pyrokinetic and Geokinetic. At 20, he returned and mastered his skills using the ancient scrolls in the Church’s library. It wasn’t until the government;s invasion that Maester Melchior informed Alaric of suspicions he’s had since he was a child- that the boy was the next Avatar. Now, Alaric is on a mission to learn the last 2 elements (something that’s proving impossible) but also to lead a rebellion against the government and restore balance to the world.

Name Meaning: “Noble Ruler”; “Powerful”

Nationality: Republic City (born) Lion Turtle Island (raised)

Ethnicity: Asian

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”   

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Gold

Weapon(s) of Choice: The elements

Fighting style(s): Pyrokinesis, Geokinesis, Geothermalkinesis (Lavabending)

Profession: Avatar

Affiliation: Team Alaric        

First appearance: Book 1

Personality: Alaric is carefree, wild, hot-tempered, and independent. He loves to have fun, even if doing so might cause him harm. A bit shortsighted, Alaric can be extremely impulsive and reckless, something that drives most people crazy. But if the situation calls for it, Alaric can be serious, determined, and centered but these times are far and few apart. When he learns he’s the Avatar, Alaric rejected the idea because of the responsibility that came with it, instead wanting to continue traveling the world and experiences all things but with his acceptance came a strength and sense of justice he didn’t know he had. Alaric can also be sexist and misogynistic, not necessarily seeing women as lesser than men but seeing men as better than women. His brief relationship with Kacela helped change his views.


When designing Alaric, I used the concept of Yin-Yang so I really based Alaric on the idea of being the ultimate embodiment of Yang. This is why I only gave him control over the masculine elements (even though I would have preferred for him to have one masculine and one feminine element.) Then I came up with the idea of combining the two elements he could control (lavabend) but then lo and behold, they make Bolin a lavabender. Originally, his hair was different and I wanted it to look like Wan’s but when I looked at him, he looked a lot like Mako so I quickly changed it. He keeps his identity as Avatar a secret from everyone as long as he could and when they find out, Caspar takes it the hardest. The 2 of them also originally fight over Kacela but Alaric “wins” and they date for most of the series but break up in Book 4. I wanted his look to be a mixture of old and new and I took inspiration from B-Boys. This is more evident when I was playing with the idea of his bending looking like dancing. Firebending would look like Capoeira and earthbending would look like Crumping but I nixed that idea. His fire is blue.

Book 3 is all about Alaric and the gang discovering there are kinetics in hiding, plotting a revolution against the government which leads to Alaric coming out as avatar and leading them. At the end of the series, he’ll not only defeat the dictator-like president but reopen the Spirit Gate, which not only allows the spirits to come and go but also is the catalyst to unlocking many peoples latent bending.

From the original Team Avatar, Alaric is loosely based on Sokka.


Kacela Orion

When Kacela’s parents died in a Satomobile accident, Kacela was left broke, alone, and homeless. So she did everything she had to do to survive. At a young age, she learned how to fight and steal. At 16, she became a dancer at The Dancing Dragon strip club. At 20, she became a bounty hunter. At 23, the state hired her to hunt 2 Church disciples that escaped the razing. But when she meets them, Alaric and Caspar, she realizes there’s more to the world than money and survival. Sometimes you have to fight for what’s right.

Name Meaning: “Great Huntress”; “Rising in the Sky”

Nationality: Ognia (Fire Nation)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 5’10” 

Hair color: Light Pink

Eye Color: Blue        

Weapon(s) of Choice: Knives, daggers, shuriken, and stilettos. Poison.     

Fighting style(s): Long-range, Shuriken-jutsu

Profession: Bounty Hunter

Affiliation: Team Alaric        

First appearance: Book 1

Personality: Years of living alone on the street and relying only on herself has made Kacela hard, stoic, tough, and unyielding. But despite this, she can be sarcastic, funny, and extremely resourceful. Her ambition gives her a persistent quality that allows her to do whatever must be done to survive, even if that means hurting someone. She has a moral compass but it’s a lot more flexible than others’. She also holds money in high regard, probably because she’s never had it before she became a bounty hunter. Kacela can be very stubborn and confrontational but for the most part, she’s extremely strategic, sometimes seeing a plan out steps ahead with contingency plans lined up in waiting. Regardless of her “negative” qualities, she has a kind heart towards children and has a strong sense of justice. Being one of the older members of the group, she often had to be the mature one and had a secret maternal instinct towards the others. But if you call her out on it, she’ll kill you.


I made Kacela to be the token non-bender of the group. I count Caspar as a non bender too but since he energybends, I guess not. I also made her to be the token teammate-to-lover thing but after I really loved the Caspar-Sylvara pairing, I didn’t want everyone in the group to be paired off so I eventually broke them up. Originally Kacela’s name was Sylvara and Sylvar’s name was Pazia (her last name) and they were sisters but since I already filled the token team sibling spot with Alaric and Jago, I decided not to make them sisters. That’s why she has a black streak as her hair was originally white but now that it’s not, I couldn’t get rid of the streak but for future reference, it doesn’t exist. She also has a molehound (a descendant of a Shirshu) named Maikoa but I decided not to draw him.

From the original Team Avatar, Kacela is loosely based on Katara.


ZhuLi S57821

Of all the products made by Varrick Global Industries, their most successful is their line of robots- The ZhuLi. Each model has its own function as there’s a ZhuLi for everything. This model’s speciality is to function as a personal assistant to Senator Emery. Under dire situations, all ZhuLi units can function as low-level security.

Gender: “Female”

Height: 6’4”   

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Pale, blank green

Weapon(s) of Choice: Energy Sword. Mechanical Body Enhancements including extra arms, energy hand cannons, poison nail darts, binding hair, foot and back rockets, and rocket launchers, etc.

Profession: Personal Assistant

Affiliation: Magistratus Emergy and the State of the Republic (formerly); Senator Jago Emery    

First appearance: Book 1

Personality: As a robot, ZhuLi is absolutely obedient and subservient to her master, performing even the most complex of times. She can’t however perform tasks that go against her functioning.


Another last minute addition, I created her because I felt that Jago’s “team” seemed a little empty and I wanted there to be a full on robot somewhere. I also wanted another female character so I thought of what Jago was missing and as a politica figure, he needed an assistant. From there, I just decided to base her on Zhu Li. At first I named her Julie as a play on her name but I decided to just leave it. I also wanted her to look like Zhu Li but slightly different.


Balthazar Rainier

All his life, Balthazar knew what he wanted out of life. Even as a kid, he knew he wanted to be head of the Guard, he knew he wanted to marry a beautiful woman and have two kids, and he knew he wanted to be strong and fear. And he got all of those things. What he didn’t know was that he would be protecting a senator, he didn’t know he would fall in love with him, and he didn’t know this confusing new love would change his life and perspective on everything he once knew.

Name Meaning: “Protects the King”; “Strong Counselor”

Nationality: North Moana (North Water Tribe)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Height: 6’5”   

Hair Color: Blonde with flecks of gray

Eye Color: Gray        

Weapon(s) of Choice: Energy Katana         

Profession: Head of the Republic Guard, Revolutionary (temporarily)

Affiliation: Magistratus Emergy and the State of the Republic (formerly); Senator Jago Emery    

First appearance: Book 1

Personality: Balthazar is the epitome of the strong, silent type. He’s a protector first and foremost with a strong sense of duty, justice, and morality who will voice his opinions if he sees someone doing something wrong. These ideals are usually at war with one another as his duty to his job conflicts with the morality of what his bosses do. It’s because of this he tries very hard to instill right and wrong into Jago. Balthazar also feels extremely guilty about his intense feelings for Jago and ashamed the first time they kiss. Despite this, his attraction for the boy causes him to act irrationally but then chastise himself after. He holds great respect for Jago even when he was disgusted by his actions.


So Balthazar (along with Caspar and Maester Melchior) are named after the biblical Three Wise Men and I chose to name them this because each one of them play an important role in shaping who the Avatar(s) will be. Balthazar was hired by Magistratus Emery to protect Senator Emery and initially he hated it. He felt more like a babysitter and felt he was better equipped to guard the Magistratus and not his son. But over the years, he ended up falling for the kid but it isn’t until the middle of Book 2 that Jago returns those feelings and they have a secret affair. Unfortunately, Balthazar dies at the beginning of Book 3 after he and Jago chooses to join Alaric and his gang.

When I created him, I knew I wanted him to have a forbidden relationship with Jago and I figured with Jago’s daddy issues, he should be older and why not also make him married and throw some kids in the mix? I also see a confrontation between Jago and his wife after his death where the wife yells and confesses that she knew how he felt all along and blah blah blah.


Jago Emery

Jago has always gotten what he’s wanted from lavish gifts to seats of power but Jago’s problem is that he wants more. He wants to be more. More than just his father’s senator, Jago wants to be president. But first he must become Magistratus and in order to do this, he must usurp his father, a man he’s always loved, respected, and idolized. But when he discovers that his father has lied to him his whole life, that his mother died after giving birth to him and the woman he thought was his mother is actually a robot, Jago begins digging for information. And although searching for truth, Jago finds more than he bargained for- that he has a brother, that he was meant for greater things, and that inside of him, he’s a good man.

Name Meaning: “Replacer”; “Powerful”

Nationality: Republic City

Ethnicity: Asian

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”   

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Gold

Weapon(s) of Choice: The elements, blaster guns

Fighting style(s): Hydrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Atmidokinesis (Fogbending)

Profession: Senator (formerly), Avatar

Affiliation: Magistratus Emergy and the State of the Republic (formerly); Team Alaric    

First appearance: Book 1

Personality: Jago initially comes off as cruel, heartless, and extremely ambitious and although these things are a large part of who he is, he is also calculating, strategic, and highly intelligent. With this intelligence comes a calm patience that allow him to stay collected even in the most crazy of situations. Jago hates failure of any kind and will inflict harsh punishments on anyone he feels deserve it. Even after joining Alaric and the gang, he softens a little but still retains a bit of a mean streak that Alaric frequently has to correct him on. He does try to change but it’s very hard for him to. Despite this, Jago can be emotional at times, crying when he discovered his mother wasn’t real, falling into a depression after Balthazar’s death, and growing immensely angry during the battle with his father.

Jago is also filled with loneliness, insecurity, and doubt. His whole life, all he wanted was for his father to see him as a success but never got it. He’s also always felt a loneliness in his soul that he describes as a feeling on incompleteness. These feeling subside in the presence of Alaric. It is because of his lack of friendship in his past that makes Jago such a good friend as he truly cherishes the ones he has.


Firstly I should probably explain the government system. There’s the president, President Aeon, and he has absolute power over all 5 nations- Republic City, Dimitar, North & South Moana, and Ognia. The president is stationed in the capital, Republic City. The other 4 nations are micromanaged by a Magistratus each. The Magistratus is the power who rules over the nation. They only answer to the president but are otherwise the ruler of that nation. Each Magistratus has a Senate that is like a counsel to them but each Senator has a specific duty which allows them to further micromanage a part of the nation they represent. This means that smaller nations, like North & South Moana have fewer senators than Dimitar which is a larger nation. The largest Senate is the one in Republic City and they hold counsel directly with the president.

Jago’s father, Magistratus Emery, is the Magistratus of Ognia. He decided to give the position of one of his senators to Jago, which ruffled a lot of feathers, especially considering Jago had no experience and was only 20 at the time.

Jago idolizes his father which makes him just as cruel and heartless as his father but as time passes, he realizes he’s nothing like his father. His kinesis came really late in life which was a shock to him and he keeps it a secret from everyone until Balthazar catches him. This makes his kinesis erratic and uncontrolled until he joins forces with Alaric’s gang and Caspar helps him learn control.

When Jago and Alaric combine into one person, they are finally able to use all 4 elements and enter the Avatar State but this is ONLY possible when they combine. This means there will never be a point in their lives when only one of them will be avatar. When one dies, the other will probably lose their powers and slowly die as well. In Book 4, Jago and Alaric combine and Caspar teaches them Ergokinesis.

From the original Team Avatar, Jago is loosely based on Zuko.

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